Technology and Business Consulting

Cogent Innovations, LLC

Located in the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois area near the University of Illinois, Cogent Innovations is a business development firm that focuses on helping companies evaluate and develop technologies to get them to market. 

Cogent Innovations, LLC CEO, David Kellner, is a seasoned entrepreneur, start-up company executive and consultant.  Dave specializes in finding applications for technologies and is experienced at forming companies based on scientific research conducted at universities as well as in the private sector.  With over fifteen years of experience negotiating licenses and securing government grant and federal/state contracts, he has demonstrated the ability to take a technology from the lab to market.  Dave is a veteran at working with venture capitalists and angels and is frequently invited to speak on technology development and business growth.

Project Management – Product Development – Prototype Development – Grant Writing Grant Management – Financial Management and Reporting
Contract Negotiations – Budget Planning and Control – Relationship Building Feasibility Studies – Purchasing
Competitive Bidding Processes – Quality Assurance Compliance – Business Consultation Presentations – HR Recruitment, Training & Supervision
Biotech – Nanotech – Sensors – Software